Friday, May 15, 2009

Special Needs

A1025992: Oreo, a 2 year old spayed female poodle with a fracture of the right front leg. She will also need an orthopedic evaluation and possible orthopedic surgery. She is otherwise doing great with lots of TLC from the medical staff and is already able to walk around!

A1025450: Spunky, a cute 1 year old male rat terrier with a fractured left hind leg. He is also doing great on medications despite his injuries, but will need an orthopedic consult and possible surgery. He deserves a chance at a good home, so please help Spunky!

A0791038: 8 year old spayed female terrier mix who has a chronic deformity of the hind legs and walks with a hunchback and bunny hop. She has absolutely the sweetest temperament and is so brave! She is very happy and loving, and deserves to have a good home.

Anna Hernandez
North Central Animal Services
3201 Lacy St.
Los Angeles Ca. 90031
Shelter (213)485-5767 (preferred)
Fax (213)847-0555
Cell (213)305-4096
Business Hours Tues-Sat. 8-5

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