Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shocking New Video Reveals Details in the Horse-Decapitation Case - You Won't Hear About This From the "Normal" Media

My latest investigative video reveals never-before seen details about the man who decapitated his own horse with a chainsaw. Most importantly - how Riverside Animal Control COULD HAVE PREVENTED this from happening, but didn't. Including new evidence of their persecution of animal rescuers and how this all relates to Puppy Mills!

If you love animals, you must watch: "The Shocking Case of the Headless Horse". NOT GRAPHIC.

Now, do something!

Angry? We need your help. Send a strongly worded e-mail to these individuals below. Tell them to encourage Riverside Animal Control to take action and follow up on unpaid citations in the future! Demand that animal abusers have their animals taken away! Demand that they work cooperatively with rescue groups!

Riverside City Council E-mails

Steve Adams

Mike Gardner

Andy Melendrez

Rusty Bailey

Frank Schiavone

Chris Mac Arthur

Nancy Hart

Mayor Ronald Loveridge

Riverside County Supervisors

Bob Buster

John F. Tavaglione

Jeff Stone

Roy Wilson

Marion Ashley (he’s a guy)

County Executive Officer
Bill Luna

Public Information Officer
Ray Smith

Thanks you.

Carly Lyn

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