Monday, November 23, 2009

You'll turn heads with this beauty

I was just at the Upland Animal Shelter and I have to vouch for this handsome fella right here. He may not get noticed because no one ever goes out to Upland and he is a little scared. But let me tell you, he is BEAUTIFUL and sooooo unique. He has these radiant amber eyes and a deep liver-chestnut colored coat with a white tip on his tail and white flecks on his chest.

He looks like he belongs on a velvet pillow next to a Sheik in a Baroque painting.

He's about the size of a small Italian Greyhound 11 or 12 lbs. He's a little stockier though with a boxier head than an IG.

Very very loving. I can tell he will be the kind of dog who will follow you everywhere. I can also tell he'll be easy to train - more affection focused than food-focused though.

A016601Male (Neutered)ChocolateWhippet mix4 years old11/13/2009Upland Animal Shelter

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  1. I will foster any dogs saved from death row.