Friday, July 24, 2009

Small Doxie Mom Needs Rescue and Wheel Chair

Nicole at Kern forwarded me this email...soooo sad....this little girl only has UNTIL SATURDAY. Can you please forward to the rescue groups and see if we can get her saved? Jessica Cliver is offering a $100 donation for each dog pulled at Kern...rescuers need to call Nicole directly but only if they are 501 or can pull under a 50. Nicole's contact info: or 661-868-7131

Disabled 3 yr old Mom of 4 puppies Black and tan Chi/ Doxy who will need a wheel chair and must be rescued no later than Saturday. She appears to be paralyzed from the back legs down BUT She does not appear to be in any pain and is so very sweet that we would like to see her go to a special home who can give her what she needs. She has managed to have a litter of pups and live on the street for all this time disabled at the same time staying sweet as pie!!! Can someone please help her.
Please be sure the adopter is a 501 c 3 rescue that is pulling her as I cannot handle the influx of calls from the public who I have to tell No to. So PLEASE only forward to rescues or people who can pull under a rescue. Thank You and please let me know ASAP on this very deserving girl.

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