Monday, February 9, 2009

I just got this plea to save a small terrier:

I'm writing on behalf of a little adorable 11 pound female young (maybe 2 yr old) dog that was hit by a car on the freeway and brought to PMC with a broken leg. She's so sweet that even with the fracture she's never growled or bitten. She pale beige and a terrier mix. She's on her way to the West LA Shelter and will be euthanized by them unless someone or some rescue group will take her and contribute to the cost of surgery to repair her leg. Her name is Emmy and her impound # is : 1010336.. If you can get the word out it'd be great. More info would be available at PMC from Drs. Annie Hernandez or Michael Yuan at 310-393-8218. Thanks for spreading the word, Madi Dr Hernandez says she is anabsolute love.. do you know of any rescue groups who may help? - Bess Gilbert Willhite <>

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