Friday, February 6, 2009

Cute Little Terrier Just Needs a Wheelchair

I know someone who made a wheelchair for their 2-legged dog and now he gets around fine. Sounds like that's just what this spinal-injury dog needs. What a cutie. I'm sure he'll be great for someone.

A1009513 -- 1 year old male terrier pup who is absolutely adorable! He was probably hit by a car and is suffering spinal injuries that are causing him to drag his hind legs. He can still stand and walk and is otherwise very happy and healthy! The medical staff at North Central is treating him with medication and acupuncture and he has already shown improvement. He is incredibly sweet and loving and needs a good home. (NOT AVAILABLE TIL 2/11 MEDICAL ASKED TO BLAST).

HernandezNEW HOPE /BABY BOTTLE FOSTER PROGRAM COORDINATOR North Central Animal Services3201 Lacy St. Los Angeles, CA 90031Cell - 213 - 305- 4096Fax- 213- 847- 0555Shelter-213-485-5767(preferred)Business Hours Tues-Sat. 8-5pmEmail: Ani.newhopenc@lacity.org

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