Monday, December 28, 2009

Curly Poodles

POPCORN (A003105)MaleWhitePoodle - Miniature2 years12/15/2009Redlands Animal Control
COMET (A014922)MaleBlackCairn Terrier and Poodle - Miniature1 year, 3 months old12/18/2009San Clemente - Dana Point Animal Services
PAWS DOODLE (A031907)MaleBlackPoodle - Miniature and Labrador Retriever4 months old12/22/2009Santa Monica Animal Shelter
ZEE KEE (A034330)Male (Neutered)RedPoodle - Miniature9 years old12/04/2009San Luis Obispo County Animal Services
A035849FemaleGrayPoodle - Miniature and Shih Tzu10 months old12/09/2009Kings County Animal Control
BROWNIE (A0875114)Male (Neutered)BrownPoodle - Miniature3 years old12/09/2009North Central Animal Care and Control Center
A0995801MaleWhitePoodle - Miniature4 years old12/19/2009Orange County Animal Care Center
A0996135MaleWhitePoodle - Miniature mix5 years old12/21/2009Orange County Animal Care Center
SNOW (A1039075)Male (Neutered)WhitePoodle - Miniature2 years, 6 months old11/29/2009West Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Center
FLUFFY (A1074633)MaleWhitePoodle - Miniature mix8 years old11/03/2009North Central Animal Care and Control Center

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