Friday, June 19, 2009

Little Norfolk With A Weird Elbow At North Central

1036208: Spunky, a 1 year old absolutely adorable male norfolk terrier who is a bundle of love and energy. He has an abnormality of his left elbow and will likely need an orthopedic consultation, but is otherwise able to run and jump just like a normal dog, and is happy as can be. He will make a wonderful family pet!

Me: Big deal. My chihuahua has a weird elbow and it hasn't bugged her at all.

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  1. i am actually planning on helping this guy. i have been trying all week to find him a place that he can be boarded for a few weeks. He has a real bad case of ringworm and needs to be isolated. He will be put down monday if i am not able to make arrangements. His rear leg is broken and needs to be surgically fixed and i believe i have a sponsor but need to get him over the ringworm first.